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1 the near or foreseeable future; "there was a wedding in the offing"
2 the part of the sea that can be seen from the shore and is beyond the anchoring area; "there was a ship in the offing"

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  1. The distance that a ship at sea keeps away from land because of navigational dangers, fog and other hazards
    • 1719: Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe
      I saw the land run out a great length into the sea, at about the distance of four or five leagues before me; and the sea being very calm, I kept a large offing to make this point.
  2. The distant part of the sea visible from the shore

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aftertime, afteryears, background, by-and-by, course ahead, crystal ball, determinism, distant future, eventuality, expectation, foresight, forward look, future, future tense, futurism, futurity, hereafter, horizon, immediate future, immediate prospect, imminence, near future, outlook, posteriority, prediction, probability, project, prophecy, prospect, remote distance, the distance, the future, the morrow, the sweet by-and-by, time ahead, time just ahead, time to come, tomorrow, vanishing point
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